Planning Services

For the new projects life cycle, there is usually a pre-stage for consultancy that includes; Planning & Designing services. For Planning service, it is the service that supports the design service.

For example: for wireless solutions to cover a new premises, the planning services offered by us implicate some questions such as:

What is the preparation needed to mount the Access Points? What is the power source requirement for Access Points? Will the Access Points be ceiling mount or wall mount? best for decoration? What is the maximum height that the Access Points can support? 

Also for Data Center projects, usually there is planning phase that includes: the cabling process, the cooling process, the placement of racks and active components as the interfaces of the active connection of core, leafs, distribution layers in three tier DC; either single mode or multi mode are defined according to the planning stage. We build our active BOM based on the planning service.

There is another planning service for pre-implementation phase; that is planning to provide a complete script for the pre-configuration of active components including the IP addresses, subnets, VLANs, security policy, etc.